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Please read all instructions before completing application. All applicants are required to schedule a time to deliver documentation to Frost English team.


Please complete and sign the application.

Fill out application completely in blue ink. If anything is left blank, the application may be rejected.


Include the following items with your application:

• A valid picture ID for all adult household members (REQUIRED).

• Social Security cards for all household members, including children (REQUIRED).

• Application fee of $45 for every adult household member in the form of money order (no cash accepted) (REQUIRED).

• Security Deposit fee of $300.00 to hold a unit, in the form of a money order (no cash accepted) (REQUIRED).

If applicable, also include the following documents:

• Social Security and/or SSI and pension award letter for every household member that may receive this benefit.

• If self-employed, signed copies of the last two years of federal tax return including Schedule C.

• Public assistance/food stamp award letter for every household member that may receive this benefit.

• Print out for child support through the City/County or individual providing this income.

• Most recent statement for savings account, IRA or other types of assets for all members of the household. Most recent six consecutive statements for any checking account.

• Copies of paycheck stubs for employment for the last six (6) pay periods.

• Print out for Unemployment Income.


Application must be delivered in person to Management or Leasing Staff.

Please call to schedule a time to deliver.

Let’s schedule a tour